Amanda Ramsey

I am a photographer from Watford. I have been taking photos for about 15 years now and really love it! I have been really lucky to exhibit my photography with the Watford Area Arts Forum, which I have really enjoyed.

I mainly take photos of flowers and London as that is passion. My photos are on my flickr page if you would like to have a look.

In 2011, I entered the Hertfordshire Open Art Exhibition with a photo of a heron that I took and was really lucky to win an award for the best under 30’s art prize. That really inspired me to be a photographer and continue to exhibit my photographs. Since then I have had my photos in a gallery in Camden in London, have exhibited at the intu centre in Watford and the Watford Museum. I currently my first solo exhibition up there.

I really want to show that I can be a photographer as I am also registered as a visually impaired person, I have a rare condition called Biedet Bardel Syndrome.

If I can achieve my dreams of becoming a photographer then anyone can. I just really want to inspire people and to create beautiful imagery despite my bad vision.

I shoot with a Nikon 1j5 mirrorless camera, which I really love. I have always used Nikon cameras and find they are really good to capture things with. My journey so far includes going back to college and doing a few courses at West Herts to develop my knowledge and understanding of photography and photoshop.

After that it is just practise and a bit of luck really. There have been days where I have visited London and got nothing good. Then there are days when I visit London and find a load of beautiful swans floating down the river and get some really fantastic shots that I think are really nice.

If I could offer any photographic advice it is just to be prepared. I have been all the way into London for a shoot and then completely forgot my memory card, which was so infuriating and had to shell out some money for a new one that wasn’t necessary. Always have spare batteries and just try and be as creative as you can!

Thanks for having a look at my work.

Please feel free to contact me here.

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