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Our Goals

  • To influence in the provision of and planning for the arts in the Watford area and act as co-ordinating body for individuals and organisations actively involved in the arts.
  • To promote the understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the arts amongst all residents and visitors
  • To campaign for greater accessibility to the arts for all
  • To improve the provision for the visual and performing arts in the area including public and private exhibition, performance and studio space.
  • To encourage professionalism amongst artists, performers and those presenting their work
  • To provide communication between artists and the appropriate authorities
  • To provide opportunities for those involved in the arts to meet and develop ideas.
  • To facilitate projects of benefit to the arts

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The WAAF Committee

Chair – Helen Nicell

Secretary – Veronica Montgomery

Veronica comes from a marketing and public relations background. She applies those skills to promote WAAF through our monthly newsletter and promotion of our events and exhibitions. Veronica is passionate about live music and writes professionally on social aspects of life.

Treasurer – Lewis Butler

Committee Member – Jane Powell

I am a keen artist having spent a good number of years in Cornwall, my subject matters reflect the love I have of nature and all that it has to offer us.I commenced painting in Watercolour and Pencil Drawing before finding my true love for Oils; with this medium I can express myself with passion for my subject and hopefully this is reflected in my paintings.

I am an active member of the Watford and Bushey Art Society and exhibit in their exhibitions.

I have been attending WAAF committee meetings for about a year as a representative of WBAS and was thrilled when I was asked if I would like to join the committee of WAAF. I was so impressed with the energy of the Chairman, Helen Nicell and the rest of the committee, that I agreed. Working together I hope we can make Watford the hub for art.

Committee Member – Karen George

Committee Member – Susi Southernwood

Committee Member – Yvonne Bamgboye

I am Watford born and bred!  Now my children have grown up and following my successful career in IT, I wanted like to give something back to our local community.  Despite my personal talent in the arts being somewhat limited, I appreciate them enormously and enjoy a wide range of music, performing arts, visual arts and literature.  I am also a Governor at a large local primary school.

Committee Member – Lauren Harris