Barry Saunders

I originally took up photography as a means of recording my holidays, but it grew to be a hobby in its own right.  I have had holidays in many parts of the world including Christmas Island, the Falkland Islands and Alaska. I haven’t ignored our own country and I enjoy visiting the traditional seaside towns of England, Wales and Scotland (and I seldom resist the urge to have a cream tea).

I’ve been a member of Watford Camera Club for more than twenty years and I also belong to Watford & Bushey Art Society. During my time at the camera club I have seen the change from film to digital photography and the amazing difference it has made. I was reluctant to embrace digital but having done so I have no regrets.

I don’t specialise in any particular subject matter, I will tackle most subjects and I make extensive use of Photoshop and other processing programmes to create pictures, which bear very little resemblance to the original photograph. I sometimes say I am a photographer because I’m a frustrated artist and whilst this is a joke there is an element of truth in it.

I’m Watford born and brought up and I am a regular visitor to Watford Palace Theatre.

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